19th July 2021


As the Government releases more information, the Royal College of Podiatry will keep members up to date and I will adjust this announcement and keep my patients well informed ahead of their appointments. 


If you would like to cancel your appointment, please get in touch ASAP.  Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be charged the full fee*. 

If you feel unwell or that you may have been exposed to Covid-19, please cancel your appointment.  Please give as much notice as possible. 

I continue to monitor the advice from the Government and The College closely and can reassure you that I have been following all advice to date to the letter. I do have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (goggles, gloves, masks, aprons etc) and can minimise risk by not touching anything in your home. 

Ongoing Requirements

* Treatment must be undertaken in a well-ventilated room please. And if this weather keeps up, please open a window or get a fan on please! I'm also happy to offer treatments outside (but not if it's windy).

* Masks: In my opinion, whether you wear a mask or not is your own personal choice.  I will be wearing a mask. 
* Follow-up Appointments are 45 minutes (1hr 15 for a Double Appointment), from my arrival until my exit (inclusive).  If you require extra time, you may be charged. See fees for more information.
* I am no longer sending pre-appointment covid screening questionnaires by email in advance of your appointment - but the same rules still apply; if you feel you may have, or it has been confirmed, that you or a family member has been exposed to Covid-19, please cancel your appointment*


In addition to my usual hygiene measures, I use Clinisept+, an antimicrobial spray which kills coronaviruses.  It is also dermatologically tested and therefore safe to use on skin.  I will continue to follow the Royal College of Podiatry's strict hygiene and infection control protocols which predate this pandemic.  If you would like to purchase Clinisept+ please click here.

I have received both doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.  As the rules relax, I will continue to perform twice weekly lateral flow tests as an extra precaution. 

Please note, my work area is within 10 miles of Eynsham for a Home Visit.    If you live outside of this area, please use the Royal College of Podiatry's website to locate a podiatrist local to you.  You can arrange to see me at The Summertown Clinic from 29th July 2021 - please click here to arrange an appointment. 

*Covid-19 related cancellations will not be charged - but don't take the mickey, alright?!