19 October 2020 



As per Governmental advice and that of my governing body (The College of Podiatry), 'normal service' has resumed.

I continue to monitor the advice from the Government and The College of Podiatry closely and can reassure you that I have been following all advice to date to the letter. I do have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (goggles, gloves, masks, aprons etc) and can minimise risk by not touching anything in your home. 

Following the Government announcement on the 12 October 2020 of the three-tier COVID-19 restrictions, the College of Podiatry has confirmed that podiatrists can continue to practise. 


This includes: 

Home visits across all three tiers (Medium, High and Very High) as long as visits are risk assessed, the correct PPE is used and infection control protocols followed. 

My Requirements
* Treatment must be undertaken in a well-ventilated room. I am happy to treat you outside if the weather is nice (and not too windy!)

* You must wear a face covering or mask, unless you have been shielding or self-isolating

* Please could any other members of your family be in another room
* Appointments must be as short as possible, as per the recommendation by The College of Podiatry.  I would be very grateful if you could please bare this in mind. 


In addition to my usual hygiene measures, I use Clinisept+, an antimicrobial spray which is proven to kill coronavirus, it is also dermatologically tested and therefore safe to use on skin.  I will continue to follow the College of Podiatry's strict hygiene and infection control protocols which predate this pandemic. 

I undertake monthly coronavirus screening tests as an additional safety measure. All have been negative to date.


Please note, my work area is within 10 miles of Eynsham.  If you live outside of this area, please use the College of Podiatry's website to locate a podiatrist local to you.




Providing Podiatry Home Visits in Oxford

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