For use on superficial wounds - even if infected.


Povidone iodine non-adherent dressing.


A topical sterile wound dressing impregnated with an ointment containing 10% povidone iodine.


A low adherent wound contact material, Orange in colour.


Inadine is water soluble and easily removed from the skin or wound surface.


Used for the prophylaxis and treatment of infection in minor burns, leg ulcers, superficial skin loss injuries and as a dressing for adjunctive therapy in the treatment of infected ulcerated wounds.


Heavily exuding wounds may require daily change, but if the wound is relatively dry the intervals between changes can be extended.


It is unlikely that the dressing will retain significant levels of antimicrobial activity if left longer than two days.


No more than four dressings should be applied at one time.

INADINE PATCH (5cm x 5cm, 5 patches)

  • Not suitable if you are taking thyroxine. 

    Not suitable if you have any sensitivity to topical iodine. 

    May cause localised sensitivity if used for a prolonged period. Please discuss indication with your clinician.