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Medical Pedicure

Foot Massage

Medical Pedicure - £75

A luxurious MOT for your feet - you will be walking on air!


So, just what is a Medical Pedicure?

Think hygienist and facialist for the feet - it is the most thorough foot treatment you can receive, and your feet will look and feel divine afterwards!

Whatever your concern: hard skin and calluses, cornsdry skin (anhidrosis), bunions (hallux valgus), ingrown toe nails (onychocryptosis), long, thick (onychauxic) nails, fungal nails, Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), odd aches and pains including metatarsalgia...  can be addressed within the 55 minute appointment.

Each treatment is bespoke and will transform the feet, both in how they look and how they feel.   Cosmetic podiatry and preventive medical concerns are combined.


A management plan will be discussed and emailed to you to help keep your feet in tip-top condition year-round, and all treatments are completed with the application of a moisturising nail oil, hydrating Gehwol® foot spray and indulgent foot massage.​

Please note, the Medical Pedicure does not include the application of nail polish. 


Additional devices (e.g. silicone toe props, removable felt props, heel pads) and some medicaments (e.g. silver nitrate) may be included in an Initial Appointment, but will incur additional charges at follow-up.

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