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x-ray image being examined


If you require imaging, e.g. an x-ray to confirm a diagnosis, this can be either arranged via your GP for NHS services or I can refer you directly to St Luke's Radiology Department

With a private referral, there is no waitlist and the report comes directly back to me so we can crack on with your management. 

St Luke's Imaging
A foot x-ray costs £120 

Ultrasound £300

Fees are charged by and payable to St Luke's directly. Price list here.

Other Imaging
MRI from £266
MRIs can be arranged at either Genesis in Oxford, or Cobalt in Cheltenham. 

Please note: Imaging referrals cannot be made without an initial podiatry assessment. An initial assessment is £75 and includes the referral. 

Referrals requested at follow-up will incur an administration charge of £15.

Podiatry Appointments are at: - 

Raleigh Park Clinic
Raleigh Park Road


Click here to book an Initial Podiatry Appointment.

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