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Toenail Reconstruction with 

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Toeflex before and after toenail reconstruction
toeflex toenail reconstruction before and after
toeflex toenail reconstruction before and after montage

Toenail Reconstruction
(New Patient)

A 45 minute appointment dedicated to your feet! This includes a thorough assessment, bespoke treatment & management plan.

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Clients aged 18 and above only

An initial assessment includes a thorough appraisal of your medical history and a neurovascular review; where your pedal (foot) pulses will be checked with handheld Doppler ultrasound (this is non-invasive) and nerve function professionally assessed


Toeflex is a temporary cosmetic restoration of a previously damaged nail with the latest generation of hybrid gel, created and manufactured in Germany.

Suitable for everyone (including people with diabetes), and ideal for when you need your feet to look their best, for a holiday or special occasions.

Unlike traditional nail salon applications (acrylic nails or gels) Toeflex will not damage the natural toenail as it regrows.

It is perfect for toenail reconstruction as it is lighter & stronger than any traditional gel product used today.  The 'nail' can be trimmed, filed, polished and polish removed as if it is a natural nail.


A great option if you've battered your natural nails through sport (running, downhill hiking, ballet, horses) or footwear (e.g. steel toe cap boots, ill-fitting walking boots).

It’s also vegan and never tested on animals

The end result is very pleasing and effective and should last between 6 to 8  weeks.

This appointment includes a general MOT where calluses and corns are also treated so that your feet look and feel fabulous afterwards.

A management plan will be discussed and all treatments are completed with the application of an hydrating Gehwol® foot spray and relaxing foot massage.​

An initial assessment is 45 minutes, with follow-up appointments typically lasting 30 minutes (£55). 

Please put 'Toenail Reconstruction' in the Comments Box when you book your Initial Assessment.

Please note: a toenail reconstruction is not suitable if you have no natural nail at all (i.e. if you've had the entire nail plate removed surgically). We can attempt to make a prosthetic nail which can then be adhered to the nail bed using nail or wig glue, but results cannot be guaranteed.

Please do not perform any home ministrations before your appointment!


All appointments are at:-

Raleigh Park Clinic
Raleigh Park Road



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