Toenail Reconstruction

Toenail Reconstruction -

 £50.00 (one big toenail

£75.00 (both big toenails)

If a nail has been damaged or surgically removed and you are looking for a long-lasting false nail, LCN Pedique nail reconstruction may be exactly what you are looking for. The affected nail is filed down using an electric nail drill and a synthetic silicone nail is built around your  remaining nail, or from scratch if you have no nail remaining, to restore your toenail to it's pre-damaged appearance.


The reconstruction typically lasts up to 6 weeks and gives an elegant look whether nail polish is applied or not.

Treatment typically lasts 60 minutes - 90 minutes. Your remaining nails can be painted with the gel to provide a more uniform appearance if desired (no additional charge).

Please note, this is not a Routine Chiropody treatment.  All nails will be trimmed and filed but all other podiatric complaints will require an additional Routine Chiropody appointment.


Nails will not be painted with polish. 


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