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Verruca Treatment

Verrutop Power of a Drop

Verruca Treatment 
Initial Appointment - £75

A 45 minute appointment dedicated to your feet! This includes a thorough assessment, treatment options will be discussed in full and initial treatment commenced & a bespoke management plan will be formulated.

Click here to arrange an appointment at Raleigh Park Clinic

Treatment is available for clients aged 18 and above only.

Appointments for children by request - please call 07902 407228 to discuss your child's concerns.

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Plantar foot verruca or wart

An initial assessment includes a thorough appraisal of your medical history and a neurovascular review; where your pedal (foot) pulses will be checked with handheld Doppler ultrasound (this is non-invasive) and nerve function professionally assessed.  


We will discuss the conservative options available, what you have tried already and address any concurrent issues

Treatment options include: - 

Silver Nitrate

Trichloracetic Acid

Salicylic Acid


Spirularin VS

Indicated for stubborn verrucas that have not responded to other topical treatments.


Falknor's Needling coming soon

Combination Therapy 

A management plan will be discussed and all treatments are completed with a relaxing foot massage (avoiding the areas with verruca).


PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer cryotherapy (freezing), Swift microwave, or lasers for verrucas.

If you've not had your verruca(s) long and/or haven't tried any treatments yet, or you're not even sure whether it IS a verruca - book in for a Routine Podiatry appointment and we'll go from there.

PLEASE NOTE: All takeaway medicaments will incur an additional fee (scroll to end to see more information).


Verrutop Treatment

Please note: You will require a minimum of 3 follow-up appointments at 7-10 day intervals. 

These are £55 per appointment plus £19.99 per vial of Verrutop (typically only one vial required per appointment).

If we have elected to use another product, you must bring this along to your follow-up appointments please to avoid additional charges.

What is a Verruca?

Verruca (plantar wart) is a skin infection caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).


Verruca are made up of complex proteins and invade the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) where there are no circulating immune cells; i.e. your immune system ignores them. It usually appears as a plaque of hard skin with an irregular border and can have black dots (blood vessels) scattered throughout.


Verruca can be very painful and can appear on any part of the body (warts).

A quick test to check whether it's a verruca or a corn - verrucas are painful when you squeeze them, corns are sore when you apply direct pressure to the thickened skin.

It is important to remember that HPV is contagious and can be spread to others.


Verrucas require multiple appointments.  Usually 4 appointments (and up to 6) will typically be required for full resolution of your verruca using Verrutop.  Other treatments vary and will be discussed with you fully during your appointment. 

What is Verrutop?


Verrutop is a new treatment in the UK and is a Class 2A Healthcare Product, which should only be used by a qualified medical professional.

It is a topical solution based on a unique combination of three organic acids; lactic, acetic, and oxalic, which are combined with copper and zinc salts (accelerants) plus nitric acid to produce “Nitric Zinc Complex”.


How does it work?

This Complex triggers and accelerates two keys processes, desiccation and denaturation. Verrutop(R) is not a caustic agent, instead its combination acts together to produce nitrites, which denature (kill) viral proteins and desiccate (dry out) the verruca, leaving intact skin behind as if the verruca had not been there.










Desiccation is a process of dehydration. Viruses are made up of proteins, which have an outer lipid layer. This layer protects all the genetic material (DNA) required for the life cycle of the virus and is highly sensitive to the effects of desiccation, which leads to its breakdown and destruction.

Denaturation is a process which breaks down and weakens the structure of DNA (found in the viral proteins).

This important molecule is critical to the survival of the virus. DNA contains all the genetic material that allows the virus to replicate and drive reproduction, growth and development. Denaturation causes a disruption of this activity and leads to viral cell death.

How effective is Verrutop treatment?

A study involving 200 patients with 766 verrucae demonstrated an 89.3% clearance rate within 6 treatment sessions.

What can I expect if I have Verrutop treatment?

You will be seen for an Initial Assessment. During this appointment the podiatrist will assess if you are suitable for Verrutop.

Verrutop is applied to verruca via a small capillary tube. The surface of the verruca is covered in the solution. The verruca may change colour and appear a white/yellow colour.


Patients will be issued surgical spirit, and advised to apply it to the verruca twice a day between treatments to aid the desiccation process.


The process will be repeated every two weeks up to a maximum of six sessions.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment in the vast majority of cases is painless. Some patients may experience a slight tingling or burning sensation. If this is the case, it is short term.

Is everyone suitable for treatment?

Verrutop is a safe topical treatment.

Verrutop should not be used:

  • On healthy skin

  • On tumours, keloids or flat warts

  • On children under the age of 6 years

  • On women who are pregnant or breast feeding

  • On patients with impaired circulation or sensation

  • On patients already using other topical treatments

  • On patients already undergoing other skin treatments, e.g. skin cancer

Verrutop & Surgical Spirit included in Initial Assessment fee, thereafter £19.99 plus appointment fee 
Silver nitrate included in Initial Assessment fee; pen is multi-use and can be brought to follow-up appointments. If a new pen is required, this will be chargeable; £6.99 per pen.
Salicylic Acid included in Initial Assessment fee, further bottles will incur a charge.
Trichloracetic Acid - £14.99 pen plus appointment fee; pen is multi-use
Spirularin VS (10ml) £14.99 plus a
ppointment fee
Formalin included in Initial Assessment, thereafter additional fee in addition to follow-up appointment charge.

Falknor's Needling is a surgical procedure - £345; includes two follow-up appointments

Stages of Verrutop
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