Ingrowing Toenails

ingrowing toenail

Ingrowing Toenail Treatment - £75.00

Your painful toe can be painlessly* treated in clinic.  

An initial assessment includes a thorough appraisal of your medical history and a neurovascular review; where your pedal (foot) pulses will be checked with handheld Doppler ultrasound and nerve function assessed.  


The cause of your ingrowing toenail will be established, and management options will be discussed and actioned (as indicated).


Typically this would be: - 

  • Appropriate self care

  • Regular specialist treatment with a podiatrist (typically every 6-8 weeks)


  • Referral to NHS podiatry service for routine care (if eligible)

  • Request for Antibiotics via your GP (if indicated)

  • Referral to NHS podiatry for toenail surgery 

  • Arrange private toenail surgery at a time and date to suit you

The painful toenail will be treated during this appointment and the relief will be INSTANT. 

Treatment is typically painless*, and a small dressing is applied to prevent infection.  If there is an infection present, dressings will be supplied and antibiotics arranged via your GP.

This appointment typically lasts around 45- 60 minutes.

NB: THIS IS NOT A SURGICAL APPOINTMENT. For information about toenail surgery, please click here.

Follow-up/Redressing Appointments within 2 weeks of Routine Chiropody appointment (20 mins) - £35

*I'm often told my treatment is painless, but all I can guarantee is I will be as gentle, yet effective, as possible in order to remove the spike of nail causing the problem.

For follow-up appointments, all additional devices (e.g. Bland-Rose toe props, removable felt props, animal wool, heel pads) and some medicaments (e.g. silver nitrate, local anaesthetic) will be chargeable. Please see Fees for more information.

Please note, if something is still not quite right; a short follow-up treatment may offered free of charge - please get in touch. I intend to offer the best treatment & management available. 

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