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Basic Nail Cutting

Nail Cut & File - £40.00
for registered patients only

Perfect Feet

If you have registered as a New Patient with Felicity, you may be eligible for a 20 minute 'express' appointment for routine nail care.


Otherwise, if you are aged over 50, non-diabetic, with good circulation, take no medication, and are otherwise 'fit as a fiddle' you may be a suitable candidate for Age Concern UK

We are fortunate to have SoleMates in Oxfordshire; a nail-cutting service undertaken by volunteers.  The volunteers are not professional podiatrists, but have received basic training in foot care and will be able to identify any problems which may require a podiatrist (such as fungal or ingrown nails). 

For more information about SoleMates please click here

Otherwise, you could consult a Foot Health Practitioner, whom are also not qualified podiatrists/chiropodists but have received  training in foot care. For more information please click here.

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