Routine Podiatry (Chiropody)


Routine Podiatry - £65.00

A 45 minute appointment dedicated to your feet! This includes a thorough assessment, bespoke treatment & management plan.

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An initial assessment includes a thorough appraisal of your medical history and a neurovascular review; where your pedal (foot) pulses will be checked with handheld Doppler ultrasound (this is non-invasive) and nerve function professionally assessed


Typical problems treated include long nails, thick nails (onychauxis), fungal nails (onychomycosis), involuted (curled-in) and ingrowing nails (onychocryptosis), hard skin (callus), corns, dry skin (anhidrosis), athlete's foot (tinea pedis), and verruca.


A management plan will be discussed and all treatments are completed with the application of an hydrating Gehwol® foot spray and relaxing foot massage.

A first-line medicament and/or referral letter to kick-start your management will also be included if indicated. Examples include, a topical treatment for verruca, a broad-spectrum antifungal cream for athlete's foot, sending a fungal nail sample for microscopy & culture*, a moisturising foot cream for dry feet, a basic deflective insole or bespoke silicone toe prop or interdigital wedge (to take the pressure off areas prone to callus and corns).  Plus a summary of advice discussed and/or a management plan will be emailed to you after your appointment.

An initial assessment is 45 minutes, with follow-up appointments typically lasting 30 minutes (£53).  If you have a number of issues to address, such as calluses, corns etc PLUS a symptomatic bunion, please book a longer appointment (60 mins) so that all of your concerns can be addressed.

Home Visits are no longer offered. 

All appointments are at:-

Raleigh Park Clinic
Raleigh Park Road


For follow-up appointments, all additional devices (e.g. Bland-Rose toe props, removable felt props, animal wool, heel pads), insoles, creams and some medicaments (e.g. silver nitrate) will incur nominal further charges.

*via your GP. 

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