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Neurovascular Assessment

neurovascular assessment by Oxford Chiropody

Neurovascular Assessment

Every person with diabetes should receive an annual diabetic foot check via their GP surgery.  This is to assess whether your blood vessels or nerves have been damaged by the disease process. The relevance of this is that if you are found to have poor circulation and/or reduced sensitivity in your feet, you are at much higher risk of acquiring a foot ulcer; which can, at worst, result in amputation or even loss of life.
If you would prefer your assessment to be performed privately, this can be arranged, relevant referrals can be arranged and a copy of the results can be forwarded to your GP for your medical records.

A New Patient Assessment includes a neurovascular assessment as standard, regardless of whether you have diabetes or not.  You would be amazed at what can be picked up via your feet... heart arrhythmias, vitamin deficiencies and vascular problems to name a few.


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