Musculoskeletal Podiatry/Biomechanics

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Musculoskeletal Podiatry/Biomechanics

Biomechanics is a branch of podiatry which deals with foot problems relating to your anatomy (muscles, tendons, ligaments and skeleton) such as abnormal foot function, joint alignment, muscle flexibility and gait (walking) patterns rather than physical complaints (corns, calluses, ingrown toenails…) that relate to pressure, poor footwear etc.

I am trained and qualified to assess, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal problems.  I have a specialist interest in runners - you guys sure know how to injure yourselves! 


I prefer to offer this service in clinic and I am awaiting confirmation on acquiring new premises. In the interim, you can contact my colleague Alison Charlton or you can self-refer to the NHS here.

If you feel you would benefit from a full body Sports Massage, I recommend an appointment with Nikki Carrol

Common complaints include: -

- Plantar fasciitis
- Achille’s tendinopathy
- ‘Shin splints’
- Knee pain
- Hip and Lower Back pain
- Joint pain
- Flat feet and ‘in-rolling’
- Bunions
Treatment typically includes: -
- Stretching and exercises
- Footwear advice
- Activity modification
- Strapping
- Mobilisation
- RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
- Orthoses