Nail Surgery

nail surgery by oxford chiropody

Nail Surgery - from £355

Available at 28 Beaumont Street Clinic after an Initial Assessment (either in-person or online)

If conservative methods to resolve your ingrowing toenail have failed, you may be suitable for a partial or total nail avulsion.


The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and a portion of, or the entire, nail is removed and treated chemically to prevent regrowth.  The pros and cons of each option will be discussed with you. 

The price* includes the surgery, as much communication pre- and post-surgery by text or email as you like, and dressings for two weeks post-surgery.

Please note: two follow-up dressing appointments (24-48 hrs after the procedure, and 2 weeks post-procedure) must be arranged in advance.  Each redressing appointment is £28.  Further home-use dressings are NOT included in this fee.  Additional home dressing packs can be purchased separately, or the components can be found here

You can read more about Nail Surgery on the blog

It is strongly recommended you purchase a Limbo waterproof protector in order to keep your dressings dry when showering or bathing.

*price varies depending on procedure/s required.

Arrange Your Ingrown Nail Surgery

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