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Nail Surgery


Nail Surgery
from £445.00 

Available after an Initial Assessment to assess your eligibility for the procedure and discuss your options.
Click here to arrange an Initial Assessment at Raleigh Park Clinic
Available for children aged 14 and above only.

If conservative methods to resolve your ingrowing toenail have failed, you may be suitable for a partial or total nail avulsion.

Nail surgery is also an option for recalcitrant fungal or damaged nails that have not responded to topical or oral antifungals or conservative methods.


The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and a portion of, or the entire, nail is removed and treated chemically to prevent regrowth.  The pros and cons of each option will be discussed with you during your Initial Assessment


The price includes the surgery, as much communication pre- and post-surgery as you require, dressings to cover you for two weeks post-surgery (dressing the toe/s every other day), two follow-up appointments and dressing protector/s to keep your dressings dry when bathing (you mustn't get your foot/feet wet whilst they are healing).


Please note: two follow-up dressing appointments (24-48 hrs after the procedure, and 2 weeks post-procedure) must be arranged in advance.  Further home-use dressings are NOT included in this fee.  Additional home dressing packs can be purchased separately, or the components can be found here


You can read more about Nail Surgery on the blog

If you're not sure whether this is the right treatment for you, do get in touch on 07902407228 (or use the Chat option on the left of the site) and we'll discuss your options.


£445 - surgery for one toe 
£595 - surgery for two toes

Additional toes POA

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