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Onward Referral

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Onward Referral

After an initial consultation and assessment it may become apparent that an onward referral is indicated.

Referrals include: -
- for an X-ray or other imaging (arranged via your GP)
- to a Musculoskeletal Specialist Podiatrist
- to a Foot & Ankle Surgeon
- to a Dermatologist
- to a Falls Clinic
- to a Pain Clinic (arranged via your GP)
- to a Physiotherapist
- to NHS Podiatry Services for e.g. nail surgery, or a foot ulcer
- to Solemates (a nail cutting service run by volunteers)

If I feel an onward referral is indicated, I will discuss this with you and arrange the referral, either directly or via your GP depending on the service.

A referral letter (with a copy for your records) is £15.00

If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch.

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