Routine Chiropody

Routine Chiropody - £55.00

Treatment available in your own home or in hospital

Tuesday to Friday

An initial assessment includes discussion of your full medical history and a neurovascular review; where your pedal pulses will be checked with handheld Doppler ultrasound and nerves assessed using a monofilament.  Typical problems treated include long nails, thick (onychauxic) nails, fungal (onychomycotic) nails, involuted and ingrowing (onychocryptosis) nails, hard skin (callus), corns, dry skin (anhidrosis), athlete's foot (tinea pedis), and verruca. A management plan will be discussed and all treatments are completed with the application of a moisturising nail oil and relaxing foot massage.

An initial assessment typically lasts around 60 minutes, with follow-up appointments taking 45 minutes (£45.00 - £50.00*).


Fingernails can be trimmed and filed for an additional £5
Price for two clients at one location - £90 New/£80 Follow-up
Follow-up Appointments within 2 weeks of Routine Chiropody appointment -
£15 - £35
Redressing Appointments (wound care) - £25.00+ (depending on what is required)
*Difference in charge dependent on whether further appointment is booked in advance

All additional devices (e.g. Bland-Rose toe props, removable felt props, heel pads) and some medicaments (e.g. silver nitrate) will incur nominal further charges. 

Please note, if you require a follow-up within 3 days of your last review, e.g. if something is still not quite right; a visit will be offered free of charge. 

Request an appointment online. It's easy, fast and secure. 

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Providing Podiatry Home Visits in Oxford

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