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It's been a long time! I've so many ideas for blog posts, but a very busy summer has meant I haven't had the opportunity to put 'pen to paper' - however, fear not, interesting reads are coming your way, watch this space!


For now though, I am pleased to announce that Oxfordshire Chiropody is going GREEN. The amount of plastic I use in my day-to-day business has not sat well with me for some time, but I hadn't had time to have a proper think about what I could do about it. Then, I found myself at the hairdresser with a disposable towel around my neck, and after one final video on my Instagram feed of a poor little fishie being strangled by an elastic band - Voila! Cue a little Googling and I will be using biodegradable towels and biodegradable antibacterial wipes going forward.

I already use a reusable, washable face mask and will endeavour to always Think Green wherever I can in my practice.

We've only got one planet, and if we all make small steps to clean it up and nurture it to try and minimise further damage who knows, perhaps we won't completely destroy it?!

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